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Ewe's News - Chapter Three

The Ewe's are still loving our home in California with Maggie & Gail. We love the weather and Gail & Maggie take us on great trips to Long Beach, Columbus, St Charles and lots of other fun places. We meet up with old friends and have been making lots of new friends like Anne Tavoletti, Beverly Johnston, Sue Timmins, Sisters & Best Friends, Lisa Kaus, Heath Darby. Kathy Dieter of Carriage House Samplings and Patti Connor of Sam Sarah Designs and JABC with samplers and whimsical designs have also become good friends. One of our newest friends is Karen Cruden whose Americanish designs were introduced in Long Beach.

Lisa and Jim continue to make whimsical frames, etc in Evening Shade,AK, where they were visited by Gail & Maggie, on one of their memorable road trips. Jim & Lisa wowed them with their wonderful studio/workshop, home and pond and all their animals and late dining.

Maggie and Gail went on another road adventure to Eureka Springs, AK last fall on their way to St Charles and they met Blakely Wilson and were introduced to her wonderful art work. The Ewes had to wait for them in St Charles. We are excited about meeting Blakely and seeing her new designs in Columbus. We know she will become a very good friend.

Meanwhile back here in CA we always look forward to Kam & Barb's new designs. Maggie and Gail continue traveling; and we stay home and take care of all our friends. We all look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you. Still no farms in SF, we've been good ewes and haven't become lamb chops.



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